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Test di livello

Scopri subito il tuo livello di inglese

1) Are you sitting on the floor?

2) Fifteen plus thirty equals twenty-eight. Is that right?

3) Are you answering a question?

4) Are you going to the door?

5) Are you wearing shoes?

6) Do we call the thing we wear on our heads a hat?

7) Is Tuesday the fourth day of the week?

8) Are there few people in a small village?

9) Do most people work on Sunday?

10) Can you hear well with your fingers in your ears?

11) Is the river in London as long as the longest river in the world?

12) Is your stomach empty after a very large meal?

13) Can you write as quickly as you can speak?

14) Can you sit at the corner of a round table?

15) Did last season last about three months?

16) Is it right to say - "I have spoken to him yesterday"?

17) If people eat too much do they sometimes become ill?

18) Do the countries of the world play football against one another?

19) If you swam in the sea in the north of Europe in the middle of winter, would you find the water warm?

20) If you sent a letter to a friend and forgot to put the address on it, would it arrive?

21) Ought students to study hard if they want to pass exams?

22) Is this sentence wrong - "he has been here since two hours"?

23) If you hadn't come here today, would you be taking this exam?

24) Is there a mistake in this sentence - "we dress ourself"?

25) If you were English, would you be taking this test now?

26) Have you been doing this test for more than two minutes?

27) If you walked in the rain from here to the station without an umbrella, would you be wet by the time you got there?

28) If you fell from the second floor of a bulding would you hurt yourself?

29) Are you supposed to answer these questions with a "yes" or "no"?

30) As soon as you close your eyes do you stop seeing things around you?

31) Should we look both ways before crossing the road?

32) Can we shorten a coat by cutting a piece off at the bottom?

33) Do people usually feel tired when they overwork?


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